Reddcoin (RDD) August 08 2020 Core Dev Update — A Massive Update on All Things Redd!

Reddcoin (RDD) — 2020 Midyear Core Development Recap, Strategy & Project Status Update — PoSV v2, Project Redd, Team Expansion, Listings & more.

Our Expanding Team — ReddHeads Stepping Up, Progress Exploding!

Software Architecture, Development & Coding: CryptoGnasher, TechAdept, Robin, Pro, Yoni + beta team and other contributors

Branding, Michael K, Head of Design & Brand Strategy working with TechAdept, John & the whole team’s vision and input

Human Resources: TechAdept, Tim and Al

Social Media — Yavuz, Roni, Doug, Al, Randy, SYARteam, ReddheadJK, CryptoBUZE, too many others to list here

Strategic Marketing/Planning, PR, Exchange & Financial Engineering — TechAdept, David, Tim

Technical Business Development and Vision Engineering — John, TechAdept, Tim

Executive Core — John, TechAdept, Tim, David

PoSV v2 Post-Activation Data Review (Activated successfully July 21, 2020 via 90% supermajority!)

Explanation of Core PoSV v2 process:

Network Global Growth, Pre- and Post- PoSV v2 activation
Staking Reward Multiplier
Network Growth

Funding (PoSV v2 generated funding and donations):

The Redd Core team will no longer be soliciting donations at all for operational costs, although we’re happy to accept any amount of thank you’s, love, hugs and any assortment of food or drink. If Reddheads feel they must donate, the addresses above will both put those funds to good use.

“Financial Engineering” and the Future of ReddCoin’s integrations with DeFi and other digital asset platforms.

Partner & Business Development Progress in the Redd Ecosystem

When It’s Time To Change…



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