Reddcoin (RDD) August 08 2020 Core Dev Update — A Massive Update on All Things Redd!

Our Expanding Team — ReddHeads Stepping Up, Progress Exploding!

Our Redd Creative team, 20+ ReddHeads, collaborating together. Simply a constant discussion and collaboratively focused group of creative people. If you’d like to contribute, or have art, video, music, or anything else you’ve created around or about Redd, feel free to ask one of our admins to join. Group will be semi-private until launch of our rebrand, as we’re working furiously to create all the content needed by ReddHeads for Reddheads.

PoSV v2 Post-Activation Data Review (Activated successfully July 21, 2020 via 90% supermajority!)

Network Global Growth, Pre- and Post- PoSV v2 activation
Staking Reward Multiplier
Network Growth

The Redd Core team will no longer be soliciting donations at all for operational costs, although we’re happy to accept any amount of thank you’s, love, hugs and any assortment of food or drink. If Reddheads feel they must donate, the addresses above will both put those funds to good use.

Instead, we would like to turn the donation concept toward direct help. At present, any donations made through our Redd Telegram bot will go to the Redd Food Bank Fund until we can determine a worthy recipient. We will be organizing various charity initiatives as we progress, and all donations from the day of PoSV v2 activation on, will go toward those type of activities, not the team or operational costs.

Project Strategic and Tactical Progress Updates, recent & future:

Core Wallet Updates — v3.10.2 — Peer Management, Denial-of-Service & Fake Stake Protections: Updates were accelerated to address noted network flooding behavior of v2 peers. Features added to address. This prevents an effective DoS condition when multiple v2 peers are connected. Solution includes features of enhanced banscoring and manual disconnection. Users may also utilize the new setban rpc/cli command to restrict connections from known v2 peers, especially in exchange environments. Lots of dev work done to support the expansion of all of our Core software capabilities, including trying our best to solve the “mobile staking and tipping” challenge.

Upcoming transition in Reddcoin (RDD) — The Birth of Project Redd, A Social Movement powered by ReddCoin & Our ReddHeads.

New Website —

New Foundational Document — The Redd Book

New Project Team Structure — The “Redd Swarm”

We know this limited information is going to cause a lot of questions. We will be rolling out our full strategic rebrand over the next period of time, and you’ll see the new logo, new font, new project name (“Redd”) appearing in a lot of familiar places, and currently visible on our “coming soon” page at the above website. This is a huge task that we’ve accomplished mich of so far, but it is a work in progress, and a labor of love, so it will take some time to fully emerge. If what you see that we’re doing does spark your creative desire or otherwise gets your mind racing and your juices flowing, and you want to get involved, great! If you just want to keep staking and trading and don’t get what all the fuss is about, great too! Redd is for ALL of us!

Stay tuned for more as we launch into our ReddNaissance, or the Birth of the new Redd Era! Impatient and can’t wait? Come help us get it done!!

When It’s Time To Change…



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