Hey ReddHeads! Lots of progress, lots of challenges, lots of opportunity!

We will be opening a number of our projects as widely as possible in coming days to engage our ReddHead community to help.

She must be listening to ReddJamm. KRDD, #ReddJammRadio

Hey, ReddHeads!
It’s amazing how quickly time passes in the crypto space, and Redd Core is thrilled to be able to report our progress through the last few months.

Observant ReddHeads have already noticed that our ReddMap located at https://redd.love/roadmap/ has been updated to reflect current project progress and priorities here in ReddLand.

“Broadening the ecosystem”…“Creating on- and off-ramps to local fiat.”…“Enabling spendability.”…“Supporting local markets.”

These are mostly alternative ways to say “exchange listings”. As a part of the bigger picture in crypto, and to provide these functions to our community, exchanges, swaps, and wallets have their place. We have noted that easily…

Please find complete instructions for operating the Reddcoin (RDD) Twitter tipbot below (with acknowledgement to the original Reddcoin team for original docs) . Feel free to report any issues to Reddcoin devs and community in our Telegram (t.me/ReddcoinOfficial) or Discord and other chatrooms availble linked from www.reddcoin.com.

Reddcoin Tipbot on Twitter (@tipreddcoin)

The bot is…

Tech Adept

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